Mac Cárthaigh, Eoin, “Gofraidh Óg Mac an Bhaird cecinit: 7. Treóin an cheannais clann Dálaigh”, Ériu 72 (2022): 119–165.

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“Gofraidh Óg Mac an Bhaird cecinit: 7. Treóin an cheannais clann Dálaigh
Ériu 72 (2022)
Ériu 72 (2022), Dublin: Royal Irish Academy.
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This is the seventh in a series of editions of the poems of Gofraidh Óg (son of Gofraidh son of Brian) Mac an Bhaird, who flourished in the 1640s and 1650s. It is in praise of An Calbhach Ruadh (son of Maghnas son of Conn Óg son of Conn) Ó Domhnaill and, in supplementary quatrains, of his wife, Eibhilín daughter of Báitéar Mac Suibhne. A quatrain in praise of Donnchadh (son of Niall son of Donnchadh) Mac Suibhne is also appended. An apologue likens An Calbhach’s struggle to that of Conn Céadchathach, forced at first to concede territory to hostile forces but ultimately triumphing and winning all. The poem was previously edited by Owen McKernan in Éigse in the 1940s. It is edited anew here from Stonyhurst College MS A II 20, with readings from National Library of Ireland MSS G 167 and G 299, Trinity College Dublin MS H 6. 7 (1411) and British Library MS Egerton 112, and with a full discussion of these and other extant witnesses.

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History, society and culture
Gofraidh Óg Mac an BhairdMac an Bhaird (Gofraidh Óg)
(fl. 1640s/1650s)
Irish poet, son of Gofraidh son of Brian Mac an Bhaird.
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