Mírbuli gheni in t-shláiniceda ‘The marvels of the birth of the Saviour’

  • Irish
  • prose
An Irish prose account of the miracles which happened on the night Christ was born. The text provides a fuller account than the prose text on the same subject which occurs in Leabhar Breac and elsewhere.
First words (prose)
  • Dies ergo sollempnis
f. 16rb ff
rubric: ‘Mirbuli gheni in t-shlainiceda’
beg. ‘Dies ergo sollempnis’
Maynooth, Russell Library, MS R 73
  • Irish
prose (primary)
Textual relationships
Related: Do secht n-ingantaib déc in domain in adaig ro génir CrístDo secht n-ingantaib déc in domain in adaig ro génir Críst



nativity of JesusLife and miracles of Christ
nativity of Jesus
id. 43514
(fl. c.5 BC–30/33 AD)
Galileian Jewish religious leader whom Christians believe to be the incarnation of God on earth, the Saviour of mankind and Messiah (the Christ) through His death and resurrection.

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[ed.] [tr.] Breatnach, Caoimhín, John Carey, Brian Ó Cuív, Pádraig Ó Fiannachta, Martin McNamara, Jean-Daniel Kaestli, and Diarmuid Ó Laoghaire (eds), Apocrypha Hiberniae, part I: Evangelia infantiae, 2 vols, vol. 2, Corpus Christianorum, Series Apocryphorum, 14, Turnhout: Brepols, 2001.
606–611 (IIIa), 612–617 (IIIb. Variant version), 546ff (introduction to the texts)

Secondary sources (select)

Breatnach, Caoimhín, “The transmission of a medieval Irish text on the marvels of the birth of the Saviour and related texts”, in: Axel Harlos, and Neele Harlos (eds), Adapting texts and styles in a Celtic context: interdisciplinary perspectives on processes of literary transfer in the middle ages: studies in honour of Erich Poppe, 13, Münster: Nodus Publikationen, 2016. 135–153.
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