London, British Library, MS Additional 14921 Welsh prose Mandeville

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Early Modern Welsh prose version of The buke of John Maundeville.

Collection: Additional manuscripts
Additional 14921

Evans summarised its contents as “An Itinerary to Palestine via Constantinople, Patmos etc., being a translation into Welsh.”

Provenance and related aspects
s. xviimed
Middle of the 17th century (Evans).
Origin, provenance
Origin: Wales
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Origin: ass. with George Entwissley [unidentified]Entwissley (George) ... unidentified
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“The name of George Entwissley occurs twice in the original hand (52b, 57b)” (Evans). Unidentified. A person of this name is mentioned in History of Bolton: with memorials of the old parish church (1892): 108.
Provenance: ass. with Evan Shonne Morgan [unidentified]Morgan (Evan Shonne) ... unidentified
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“Evan Shonne Morgan (45b)” (Evans). Unidentified.
Provenance: ass. with Hugh Price [unidentified]Price (Hugh) ... unidentified
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“Hugh aPrice (54b)” (Evans). Unidentified.
Hands, scribes
Codicological information
7.5 ″ × 5.75 ″
7 1/2 x 5 3/4 " (Evans).
62 ff.
“repaired at the outer margins, wanting beginning and end, and imperfect in other places” (Evans).
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Secondary sources (select)

In her Mandeville's medieval audiences (2003): 16, Rosemary Tzanaki reports that a study of the manuscript is forthcoming.
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