Letter of William Bodinar

William Bodinar
  • English, Late Cornish
  • prose

A short letter dated 3 July 1776 and written by fisherman William Bodinar to the antiquary Daines Barrington, who had apparently inquired after the state of the Cornish language. The letter is partly bilingual, providing 12 lines in Cornish, along with English renderings. Although he was not a native speaker, Bodinar relates that he was a boy when he learnt it (Me rig deskey Cornoack termen me vee mawe) from fishermen with whom he went out to sea and that he is still a competent speaker. He also observes that in his day, there are no more than four or five Cornish speakers in his town (Mousehole).

First words (prose)
  • Moushole July ye the 3d 1776 / Sir I understand you wants to know my age. / Bluth vee eue try egence a pemp. / My age is three score and five.
Addressee: Barrington (Daines)
Barrington (Daines)
(d. 1800)
English lawyer, antiquary and naturalist.

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Bodinar (William)
Bodinar (William)
(fl. 18th century)
William Bodinar (previously misread as Bodener), a fisherman of Mousehole, known today for a (partially) bilingual English-Cornish letter, dated 1776, which he wrote to the lawyer and antiquary Daines Barrington and bears witness to a remnant of the Cornish language.

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London, Society of Antiquaries, MS SAL 01/01/0492
  • English Late Cornish

Dated  3 July 1776.

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Internet Archive: <link>
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Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive: <link> Digitale-sammlungen.de: <link> Digitale-sammlungen.de: View in Mirador
82–83 [‘Extracts from letter in Cornish and English’] Gives the text of the bilingual part, based on Barrington’s version.
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Transcription of the bilingual part of the letter, lines 3-26.

Secondary sources (select)

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