Kehnel, Annette, Clonmacnois: the church and lands of St. Ciarán. Change and continuity in an Irish monastic foundation (6th to 16th century), Vita Regularis: Ordnungen und Deutungen religiosen Lebens im Mittelalter. Abhandlungen, 8, Münster: LIT, 1997. 368 pp.

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Clonmacnois: the church and lands of St. Ciarán. Change and continuity in an Irish monastic foundation (6th to 16th century)
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resource: Universität Mannheim, Historisches Institut
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the church in Ireland record sources for Ireland
History, society and culture
Crimthann mac LugdachCrimthann mac Lugdach
(supp. fl. 5th/6th century)
(time-frame ass. with Ciarán of Clonmacnoise)
A king of Connacht from the Uí Maine in the hagiographical dossier associated with Ciarán of Clonmacnoise. He is said to have ruled around the time of the saint’s birth. His father is identified as Lugaid mac Dalláin, which according to some pedigrees would make him a great-great-grandson of Maine Mór, eponymous ancestor of the Uí Maine.

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“1. Sources”
“2. The church of Clonmacnois prior to the church reform: its government, the ruling dynasties and its ecclesiastical allies”
“3. Clonmacnois and its neighbours: the political history of the settlement”
“4. Developments in the twelfth century: Clonmacnois under the impact of church reform and the Anglo-Norman invasion”
4.1. The condition of Clonmacnois on the eve of the church reform (108): 4.1.1 The Meic Cuinn na mBocht (108); 4.1.2. The ecclesiastical aristocracy of Clonmacnois (113); 4.2. Clonmacnois in the Age of Reform (118); 4.2.1. Condition of the Irish church in comparision with the situation in the continental church (118); 4.2.2. Changes in the governmental structures of Clonmacnois in the twelfth century (121); 4.2.3. The development of the ecclesiastical estate under the impact of the church reform (125); 4.3. The Anglo-Norman invasion (132): 4.3.1. The immediate effects of the Anglo-Norman invasion (132); 4.3.2. Clonmacnois’ role in the restoration of Ua Conchobair power in Connacht under Cathal Crobderg; 4.4. Summary.
Meic Cuinn na mBocht familyMeic Cuinn na mBocht family
Ecclesiastical lay dynasty who provided officials for the monastery of Clonmacnoise. Named after Conn na mBocht (d. c. 1060), they traced their descent to anchorites in the 8th century.
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Cathal Crobderg Úa ConchobairÚa Conchobair (Cathal Crobderg)
(d. 1224)
Cathal Crobderg
king of Connacht, r .1202–1224
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“5. The history of Clonmacnois in the later middle ages”
“6. The registry of Clonmacnois: a potential source for the reconstruction of the former ecclesiastical lands of Clonmacnois. The history of the transmission of the document”
“7. The extent of S. Ciaran’s possessions according to the registry of Clonmacnois”
“8. ‘The history of the decline and fall’ of Clonmacnois - Conclusions”
“Appendix 1. Catalogue of the members of the community of Clonmacnois, from the sixth to the thirteenth century”
“Appendix 2. The lands of Clonmacnois according to the registry”
C. A., Dennis Groenewegen
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