verse beg. Is aoibhinn Sliabh Cua rod clos

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A ballad on the death of Garaid’s son Aod. The story of Aod's quarrel with Muc Smaile for killing his uncle Goll mac Morna, which is known from the Acallam na senórach (ed. Stokes, ending on line 2009), is continued here. E. J. Gwynn(1)n. 1 E. J. Gwynn • J. H. Lloyd, ‘The burning of Finn’s house’, Ériu 1 (1904): 13. summarises the tale as follows:
“Muc Smaile had killed Aod's uncle Goll mac Morna, and had refused to give an eric that Aod considered sufficient. Aod seeks him out at Sliabh Cua, and kills him in single combat: whereupon he is surrounded, with a handful of the Clann Morna, by six hundred of Muc Smaile's men, all of whom are slain in the fight that follows, except their leader Fionn mac Cubhain. But Aod has been twice wounded; 'clouds of weakness' fall on him; the sea comes in, he is unable to stir, and is drowned by the rising tide”.
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  • Is aoibhinn Sliabh Cua rod clos
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Related: Tóiteán Tighe FhinnTóiteán Tighe FhinnA ballad about a tragic event and its aftermath in Fenian tradition. It relates how Garad mac Morna burnt to death the wives of the fían-warriors in Finn's house and how he was afterwards slain by his son Aod.


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Finn Cycle
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E. J. Gwynn • J. H. Lloyd, ‘The burning of Finn’s house’, Ériu 1 (1904): 13.

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