Irish weather prognostications (Calann Enair for domnach)

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Brief prose text attributed to Fintan (mac Bóchra?) offering prognostications of the weather from the day of the week on which the first (calends) of January falls. It belongs to the type of prognostics that is often known by the Latin title Revelatio (or Supputatio) Esdrae, after the prophet Ezra.

First words (prose)
  • Calann Enair for domnach
Ascribed to: Fintan mac Bóchra
Fintan mac Bóchra
(time-frame ass. with universal history)
A figure of medieval Irish tradition who survives the Flood and lives to give eye-witness accounts of the history of Ireland

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The attribution to one Fintan is not elaborated. Meyer (1909) explains the reference as being that to the legendary Fintan mac Bóchra. Cf. the attributions to Fintan in TCD 1363 p. 161a and 161b (Torann Domhnaigh créd fatá attributed to Fintan mac Scáil).
f. 43r
rubric: ‘Fintan hic’
beg. ‘Kaland Enair for Domnach’
f. 11ra
beg. ‘Calaind Enair for Dhomhnac[h bliadain] coencomrac[h]’
beg. ‘do égaibh innte 7rla’
ff. 50ra.1–51ra.19
beg. ‘Calaind Enair [for Domnach]’
beg. ‘forsin Callaind. Calaind Enair b.’
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