In memoriam abbatum nostrorum‘In memory of our abbots’
verse beg. Sancta sanctorum opera

  • Latin
  • verse
Latin hymn (50 lines) in honour of the first fifteen abbots of Bennchor (Bangor, Co. Down), which is attested as the final liturgical piece in the late 7th-century Antiphonary of Bangor. Each line of the middle four stanzas begin with a letter that follows the order of the alphabet.
First words (verse)
  • Sancta sanctorum opera
  • Latin
Origin: Ireland
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Bennchor [Bangor]
Bennchor ... Bangor
County Down
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verse (primary)
  • iambic dimeter
Number of lines



Comgall of BangorComgall of Bangor
(d. 601/602)
Comgall mac Sétnai, Comgall moccu Araidi
Comgall (mac Sétnai) moccu Araidi, patron saint of Bangor
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Crónán [abbot of Bangor]Crónán ... abbot of Bangor
(fl. 680–691)
abbot of Bangor (680-691); moccu Chualne (AU), maccu Caulne (AT).
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