Gilbert, John T., A history of the city of Dublin, 3 vols, vol. 1, 1st ed., Dublin, 1854.

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A history of the city of Dublin - vol. 1 (3 vols)
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John T. Gilbert, A history of the city of Dublin (1854–1859)

Incl. Appendix: Genelach Ua n-Dunchadha, edition of the genealogy of the Uí Dúnchada, from the Supplement to the Book of Leinster.

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Gilbert, John T., A history of the city of Dublin, 3 vols, vol. 1, 2nd ed., Dublin, 1861.  
comments: Incl. eight appendices on pp. 401-428, containing extracts from primary sources: App. I (pp. 401-408). Genelach Ua n-Dunchadha = The genealogy of Ua n-Dunchadha [from the Supplement to the Book of Leinster] -- App. II (pp. 408-415). Documents relative to the water conduits of the city: extracted from the Manuscript Charter Book of the Corporation of Dublin -- App. III (416-417): De fundatione ecclesiae cath. sanctae Trinitatis, Dublin, et capellarium ad eam pertinentium: from the Black Book of Christ Church, MS) = Account of the building of Christ Church -- App. IV. (417-418). De obstructionibus a muro civitatis Dublin amovendis, A.D. 1313 [From the Memorandum Roll, 6-7 Edw. 11. m. 66. d.] = Order of Edward II for the removal of obstructions from the City Wall, A.D. 1313 -- App. V (418-420). Pro fundando capellam super pontem Dublinii, A.D. 1348 = Letters patent for the erection of a chapel on the Bridge of Dublin, A.D. 1348 -- App. VI. (420) Citation of Roland Fitz Eustace, baron of Portlester, at the High Cross of Dublin, A.D. 1470 [From the Memorandum Roll 10 Ed. IV.] -- App. VII (p. 420-426). Statutum pro fundatione gildae mercatorum infra capellam juxta pontem civitatis Dublin, A. D. 1480-1481 = Statute for the foundation of the guild of English merchants trading in Ireland -- App. VIII (p. 426). Concordatum to Thomas Smith, apothecary of the City of Dublin, A. D. 1566 [From the State Paper Office, London].
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