Eachtra Conaill Gulbain‘The otherworld adventures of Conall Gulban’

  • Early Modern Irish
  • Medieval Irish literature
Eachtra Conaill Gulbain
‘The otherworld adventures of Conall Gulban’
Also known as Gabhaltas Conaill Gulbain mic Neill ar gairbhtrian Uladh (The conquests of Conall Gulban mac Néill in the rough places of Ulster)
  • Early Modern Irish
  • Early Modern Irish.

Textual relationships
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Modern Irish prose tale of the Fenian Cycle, which may be described as a bruidhean-tale. A few copies form a considerably enlarged version containing an additional romance.


Medieval Irish literatureMedieval Irish literature


Otherworld journeysOtherworld journeys

Conall GulbanConall Gulban mac Néill
(supp. fl. 5th c.)
son of Níall Noígíallach; ruler of what was to become Tír Conaill (‘Conall's land’) and eponymous ancestor of the Cenél Conaill.
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Edition with German translation.
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