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Dublin, University College, MS Franciscan A 8 Maghnus Ó Domhnaill, Beatha Cholaim Chille

  • Irish
  • Latin
  • s. xvi1
  • Irish manuscripts
Collection: Franciscan A: Irish-language manuscripts
Franciscan A 8
Provenance and related aspects
Irish Secondary: Latin
s. xvi1
Early 16th century (?), between 1532 and 1545 (Plummer).
Origin, provenance
Origin: Ireland
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ass. with Niall Connallach Ó NéillÓ Néill (Niall Connallach)
(ob. 1545 recte 1544)
Ó Néill (Niall Conallach)
Tánaiste and son of Art (Óg) mac Cuinn Ó Néill, earl of Tyrone.
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Hands, scribes
Hands indexed:
Scribe (Ó Siaghail)

At the end of the MS (p. 66), the scribe has left a colophon which Paul Walsh (1929) has transcribed and translated as follows: Misi Eoghan Carrach Ó Siaghail ro sgribh an beatha so C. c. do Niall óg mac Airt mic Cuinn mic Énri mic Eoghain Y Néill .i. cend sochair na heigsi & na healadna & saoi egnaide a ndeolus gacha haithne & dobeir vadha ar scath a aidhchi certuired agus bhis ag mac righ heigin ele re cois a mbhinn aige fein. Finit. “I am Eoghan Carrach O Siadhail (O Shiel), who wrote this Life of Columcille for Niall Og, son of Art, son of Conn, son of Henry, son of Eoghan O Neill, that is, the head of profit to poetry and learning, and a wise sage in the understanding of every knowledge, and one who distributes from him for his honour’s sake just as much as some other king’s son has, along with what he has himself. Finit.” Another transcription, which differs somewhat from Walsh’s, is given by Ó Doibhlin (2000). The colophon is foll. by a poem beg. Oráid ríghda réil d'Ó Néill nósmhar nár.

Eoghan Carrach Ó SiaghailÓ Siaghail (Eoghan Carrach)
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Niall Connallach Ó NéillÓ Néill (Niall Connallach)
(ob. 1545 recte 1544)
Ó Néill (Niall Conallach)
Tánaiste and son of Art (Óg) mac Cuinn Ó Néill, earl of Tyrone.
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Secondary sources (select)

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