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Extract from the Latin-Irish dictionary by Rev. Richard Plunkett (along with a preface dated Trim, 12 Sept. 1661). The extract was apparently taken from the original in Dublin, Marsh's Library, MS Z 4.2.5 and written for Edward Lhuyd. Interleaves contain a Latin-English-Basque vocabulary directed by Edward Lhuyd.
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Cat. no. 1320
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Latin, Irish
s. xvii
17th century
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Dublin, Marsh's Library, MS Z 4.2.5
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Abbott, T. K., and E. J. Gwynn, Catalogue of the Irish manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co, 1921.
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116 [id. 1320.] “A Latin and Irish Dictionary by Richard Plunket of the Order of St. Francis.

The preface is dated Trim, 12th Sept., 1662; fol. interleaved.
The author states in his instructions for the reader that his authorities for the hard words were ‘Michael O'Clery, Archbp. Flathri O'Mulconry, Doctor Keating, Parrthas an Anama, and an old vellum MS. in which I found a copy of the Foras Focal, and particularly Michael O'Clery's Sanasan Nua and the old vellum aforesaid, also Ceilidh na h-iosgaide leithe Mac an Iolair, the Madadh Maol and some lists of hard words, with many other authorities which I do not now remember and the common language for the greater part of the rest.’

This copy was transcribed (not very accurately) from the original in Marsh’s Library, for Edward Lhwyd, who used it in preparing his ‘Archaeologia’ for the press. See No. 1425. The interleaves contain an attempt at a Latin-English Basque Dictionary. Publ. with notes, etc., in Hermathena, vol. xiv, 1906.”
Abbott, T. K., “On an early Latin-English-Basque dictionary”, Hermathena 14:32 (1906): 55–105.
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