Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1281 Unit: section 1, ff. 14r-78vDublin Annals of Inisfallen

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Manuscript containing the so-called Dublin Annals of Inisfallen, AD 250-1320.
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Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1281 (H 1. 7, 1281) [s. xviiimed]
Irish annals
John O’Donovan described the manuscript in a letter that was inserted into the manuscript. Abbott summarises this letter as follows: “Inserted is a letter from Dr. John O’Donovan, in which he says : ‘It appears from a letter (prefixed to the copy in the Royal Irish Academy) in the handwriting of Theophilus O’Flanagan, [who states that Dr. O’Brien made the Bodleian copy of the Annals the basis of his compilation] that the Dublin copy ... was manufactured by the Rt. Rev. John O’Brien, sometime R. C. Bishop of Cloyne.’ It turns out, says O’Donovan, to be nothing more than a collection of entries from all sources, good, bad, and indifferent, such as from Giraldus Cambrensis’ Hibernia Expugnata, from Hanmer’s Chronicle, from the Caithreim Thoirdhealbhaigh, and from every other authority, English and Irish, accessible to the compilers. If published, he says, it ought to be entitled, ‘Annals of Ireland, compiled in France from various authorities, Irish and English, in the year 1765, by Mr. John Conry and Dr. John O'Brien.’ O’Donovan adds, however, that they ‘had some Munster Annals which we have not, and from them they have extracted various passages relating to Desmond not to be found in any other compilation that I know of. The chronology is throughout corrected from Ware, Camden, and Hanmer, by Dr. O’Brien. Dr. Chas. O’Conor has added in the margin several marks and corrections.’”
Provenance and related aspects
Hands, scribes
Ó Conaire (Seán) [ob. 1773]
Ó Conaire (Seán) ... ob. 1773
Irish priest and scholar

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The subscription in the manuscript reads Sgriobhtha le Seagan ó Connaire san bhfranc, while a later note added by Charles O’Conor states San bhfrainc ro scríobhadh an leabhar Airis ro la Séan ua Maolconaire et é lan do lochtaibh iomdha a gcronic, et a ndeachtughadh, et cruthaigthe iomdha ar sin anos alámhaibh Chathail ui Conchubhair [i.e. Charles O’Conor], A.D. 1775 (Abbott).
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See also the parent manuscript for further references.

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