Dinnshenchas of Áne Chlíach

  • Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Dinnshenchas Érenn, dinnshenchas

An episode in Cath Maige Mucrama which tells of Ailill Ólomm's hostility towards two inhabitants of the síd-mound Áne Chlíach and of the blemish and curse he incurred on account of this. It gives an explanation of Ailill's nickname as well as the name of the hill.

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§ 3. One Samain night, Ailill pastures his horses on top of the hill that would come to be known as Áne Chlíach and spends the night there. On two such occasions, the hill is miraculously stripped bare, apparently while Ailill is asleep, but the third time, another Samain night, he is joined by Ferchess, a poet, warrior and seer. Ailill falls asleep, but Ferchess stands aside to watch the hill (síd). Ferchess sees Éogabul, the king of the síd, and his daughter Áne coming out of the hill and kills Éogabul with a cast of his spear. Ailill rapes Áne (explicitly in NLI MS G 7 version), who sucks the flesh and skin off his ear, hence the nickname Ó-lomm (‘Bare-ear’) would stick to him ever since.

§ 4. Áne reproaches the king for his and Ferchess’ crimes, promising that great harm will come to him and denying him any property (athgabáil).

§ 5. The hill is named after Áne.

  • Middle Irish
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Dinnshenchas Érenn
Dinnshenchas Érenn
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dinnshenchasIrish narrative literature, onomastic lore and learning, topographical literature
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Ailill ÓlommAilill Ólomm
Ailill Aulom
(time-frame ass. with Irish legendary history)
king of Munster; reputed ancestor of the Éoganacht and Dál Cais; a prominent figure in various king-tales, such as those revolving around the Battle of Mag Mucrama.
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Ferchess mac CommáinFerchess mac Commáin
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ÉogabalÉogabal (var. Éogabul, Eogabál), sometimes mac Durgabuil
Éogabul mac Durgabuil
man of the síd
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Áne ingen ÉogabuilÁne ingen Éogabuil
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Cnoc Áine
Cnoc Áine ... Knockainy
County Limerick
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Barren landBarren land


Soporific musicSoporific music


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