Darling, Gregory J., “The Cross legends of the Leabhar Breac: a critical edition, translation, and commentary”, PhD. diss., City University of New York, 2003.

  • PhD. diss.
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The Cross legends of the Leabhar Breac: a critical edition, translation, and commentary
City University of New York
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This dissertation includes a critical edition and translation into English of the legends of the true cross as set forth in the Royal Irish Academy MS. Leabhar Breac (pp. 221-236a). It also includes a commentary which involves such issues as the origin and development of legends of the cross and their treatment in the insular context and which provides a codicological and paleo graphical description of each Irish manuscript containing variants of the Leabhar Breac cross legend texts or versions separate from these latter texts. The Leabhar Breac, written in 1411, is a large compendium of religious texts—apocryphal, hagiographical, homiletic, devotional, and legal—with a few secular narrative texts interspersed among them. Legends of  the finding of the cross also are preserved in other, later, Irish manuscripts. Microfilms and photostats of these manuscripts have been examined for the sake of ascertaining whether and where there have been substantial omissions or additions of material (such additions or omissions to be indicated in textual notes) and for the sake of discerning whether they contain variant texts of the Leabhar Breac material or in feet different versions. These latter manuscripts and their context are described in the Introduction. This dissertation adheres to the following order: 1) introduction and commentary, 2) edited text, 3) textual notes, 4) translation, 5) annotations, 6) glossary, 7) Works Cited.

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