Días macclérech ‘Two clerical students’

  • prose
  • Irish religious texts

Short story about two clerical students who make an agreement that whoever of them should die first will return to the other with reports of the hereafter.

pp. 278a–278b
beg. ‘DÍAs macclerech ro batar i commaid oc légund comtar comaltai óptar noidin’
f. 140vb–141r
beg. ‘Da macclerech robadar a comann ac denam a leighiunn’
ff. 85ra–85va
beg. ‘Dias macclerec batar i comuidh oc leghiunn’
prose (primary)


Irish religious textsIrish religious texts



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x–xii Edition of the Lismore copy, with English translation. direct link
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