Cath Mhaighe Mochruimhe

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Modernised version of Cath Maige Mucrama.

The text has been described as “a later romanticised version in the inflated style common to many late Mid. Ir. and early Mod. Ir. texts” (O Daly).(1)n. 1 Máirín O'Daly, Cath Maige Mucrama: The battle of Mag Mucrama (1975).
Cath Mhaighe Mochruimhe
Many different spellings occur for this title (Cath Maighe Mucraimhe, Mucroimhe, Mochruimhe, Mhogchruime, Mughcraidhe, etc.).
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  • early Modern Irish, late Classical Irish (?)

16th × early 18th century.

prose (primary)
Textual relationships

Apart from Cath Maige Mucrama, other sources may have been used in the composition of the text. According to Ó Cathasaigh, it “contains an account of the conception of Cormac mac Airt which derives at some remove from a source similar to that of SEC [Scéla Éogain ocus Cormaic]”.(2)n. 2 Tomás Ó Cathasaigh, The heroic biography of Cormac mac Airt (1977): 114.

(Possible) sources: Cath Maige MucramaCath Maige Mucrama
Related: Scéla Éogain ⁊ CormaicScéla Éogain ⁊ CormaicCath Maige MucramaCath Maige Mucrama


Cycles of the Kings
Cycles of the Kings
id. 80


Mag Mucrama
Mag Mucrama
County Galway
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Tomás Ó Cathasaigh, The heroic biography of Cormac mac Airt (1977): 114.

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[ed.] Ó Dúnlainge, Micheál, “Cath Mhuighe Macroimhe [part 2]”, Gaelic Journal 18:4 (April, 1908).

Secondary sources (select)

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comments: Addenda are to be found in Kuno Meyer, ‘Anecdota from the Stowe MS. n° 992’, Revue Celtique 6 (1883–1885): 187–191. Reprinted: Nieuwkoop: De Graaf, 1969.
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