Final third of Bretha nemed toísech

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The final third of Bretha nemed toísech, much of which is presented as an address by the judge Morand to his pupil Neire. The text is primarily concerned with judges and judgments.
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  • Old Irish


Early Irish law textsEarly Irish law texts


MorannMorann, Morand
mythical judge (brithem) who is said to have given instructions of wisdom to the young king of Tara, Feradach Find Fechtnach son of Crimthann Nia Náir, after the revolt of the aithech-thúatha; besides Audacht Morainn, a number of further texts relating to wisdom and law are attributed to him.
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NeireNeire (Núallgnáth)
pupil/fosterson of the mythical judge Morann, whose instructions of wisdom he proclaims to the young king of Tara, Feradach Find Fechtnach (Audacht Morainn)
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