Betha Fursa ‘The Life of Fursa’

  • Early Modern Irish
  • prose
  • Irish hagiography
Irish life of St Fursa
  • Early Modern Irish
  • “The very modern appearance of the text is probably due to the transcriber, who seems to have substituted cc for g, cch for gh, tt for d, ff for bf, (i. e. eclipsed f), ao for oe, aoi for ói, in accordance with the spelling usual in the 17th century. The presence of the infixed pronouns, t and n points to the Middle-Irish period as the date of the translation. But the absence of deponents, and the occurrence of the preterite passive in -it (ro calmaigit) and the 2d pl. in -bair (fedabair), prove that et [sic] cannot be older than (say) the thirteenth or fourteenth century.”, Whitley Stokes, ‘The Life of Fursa’, Revue Celtique 25 (1904): 387.
prose (primary)


Irish hagiographyIrish hagiography



(fl. 7th century)
Irish monk and missionary
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[ed.] [tr.] Stokes, Whitley [ed. and tr.], “The Life of Fursa”, Revue Celtique 25 (1904): 385–404.
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