Betha Chiaráin Clúana meic Nois ‘The Life of Ciarán of Clonmacnoise’

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  • prose
  • Irish hagiography
Late vernacular Life of St Ciarán of Clonmacnoise
ff. 77(35)rb1–81vb9
rubric: Betha Ciarain Cluana Maic Nois
ff. 154r–170v
This copy is said to be derive from the ‘Book of Aodh Óg Úa Dálacháin of Les Cluaine in Meath’: I c-Coill an Iubhair h-i c-conueint brathar Atha Luain do scriobhus betha Ciarain an ceid-fhecht as leabhar Aodha Óig Úi Dálacháin ó Lios Cluaine h-i Midhe; & do aithscriobhus anosá ag Drobaois. 18 Feb. 1629
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prose (primary)


Irish hagiographyIrish hagiography



Ciarán of ClonmacnoiseCiarán (mac int Shaír) of Clonmacnoise
(c. 515–c. 549)
Irish saint, patron of Clúain Moccu Nóis (Clonmacnoise). Feast-day: 9 September.
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Clúain Moccu Nóis
Clúain Moccu Nóis ... Clonmacnoise
County Offaly
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