Allen, Michael I.


Allen, Michael I., “Poems by Lupus, written by Heiric: an endpaper for Édouard Jeauneau (Paris, BnF, lat. 7496, fol. 249v)”, in: Otten, Willemien, and Michael I. Allen (eds), Eriugena and Creation: proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Eriugenian Studies, held in honor of Edouard Jeauneau, Chicago, 9–12 November 2011, Turnhout: Brepols, 2014. 105–135.

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“Poems by Lupus, written by Heiric: an endpaper for Édouard Jeauneau (Paris, BnF, lat. 7496, fol. 249v)”
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The paper presents a newly discovered sylloge of poems by Lupus of Ferrières, including his self-composed epitaph, which Heiric of Auxerre copied into his personally annotated manuscript of Priscian. The discussion relates these poems to others by Lupus. The status of Lupus’s famous autograph copy of Cicero’s De oratore, London, BL, Harley 2736, is conclusively affirmed via new textual evidence. Differentiating features of Lupus’s handwriting therein are presented, and compared and contrasted with Heiric’s hand as known from his autograph annals in Melk, Stiftsbibl. 412 ; the latter evidence guarantees the identity of the copier of the poems. Fuller and more exact details of Heiric’s early cursus and relationship with Lupus emerge from the new poems and a revised reading from the Melk ms. Heiric and Lupus shared time and space as master and pupil at Ferrières, where a school, writing room, and library certainly existed. The new poems are critically edited. Appendix 1 resolves the other content of the page where Heiric copied down the poems (with other texts in Tironian shorthand). Appendix 2 offers French translations of the new poems.
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