Aided Meic Samáin

  • Early Irish
  • prose
  • Medieval Irish literature
  • extent: not extant
A tale no longer extant but referred to as Aided Mic Shamain in the Book of Leinster version of the early Irish tale list A. The title suggests that it once related the (violent) death of a certain Mac Samáin, possibly the legendary champion of that name mentioned in Cogad Gáedel re Gallaib § 107.
  • Early Irish
prose (primary)


Medieval Irish literatureMedieval Irish literature


Mac SamáinMac Samáin
Mac Sámain, Garb Daire ... Mac Sámain
one, two or even several legendary figures of the same name; if the available references are to one and the same person, he is a warrior, member of a fían, as well as a judge or sage, whose persona could be invoked as the author of a number of textual passages; Finn’s judge in the poem Fégthar tech Fhinn a nAlmhain. The tale lists mention an Aided Meic Samáin, now lost.
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