Patricius an seinen ausgefallenen Zahn
verse beg. A fhir há / focus mennatan i mbá

  • Irish
  • verse
Irish religious poem (between 3 and 5 qq). In at least two witnesses, it is attributed to Saint Patrick in the context of an anecdote about his loss of a tooth.
First words (verse)
  • A fhir há / focus mennatan i mbá
Ascribed to: Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick
(fl. 5th century)
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p. 353d
rubric: ‘Oenfhiacal immorro la Patric [...] ut Patricius dixit’
beg. ‘A fhir á / facus mennutan i m-bá’
3 qq, here followed by a quatrain (of a new poem?) beg. Saegul Mo Chaemóc Leith, after which the MS becomes illegible. In line with his reading in Rawl. B 512 (below), Stokes gives macnutan rather than mennutan.
f. 16vb
rubric: ‘Is annsin rogab Patraic inrand’
beg. ‘A fhir há / ocus mennutan immbá’
context: Bethu Phátraic
Note that Stokes expands the m with suspension stroke as macc rather than men.
f. 74ra.19–30
beg. ‘A fhir há / focus mennatan i mbá’
Version without narrative context or attribution to Patrick.
  • Irish
verse (primary)
Number of stanzas: 5 qq.



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