verse beg. A bráthair, ma dia seichi for iris

  • Early Irish
  • verse
Two quatrains of an early Irish poem concerning Áed Dub mac Colmáin, abbot of Kildare. They are preserved as quotations in an Irish genealogical tract in LL.
First words (verse)
  • A bráthair, ma dia seichi for iris
L1 =
ff. 316a.28
rubric: ‘Inde quidam cecinit’
beg. ‘A brathair .i. fri Aed Find mad dia sech for iris’
2 qq.
L2 =
p. 388a.3
rubric: ‘Inde poeta dixit’
2 qq.
Second quatrain cited in a glossary entry on coall .i. muinterus (TCD 1337).
  • Early Irish
verse (primary)
Number of stanzas: 2



Áed Dub mac Colmáin
Áed Dub mac Colmáin
(d. 639)
King of Leinster and later, bishop of Kildare.

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