Vita sancti Kentigerni

Jocelin of Furness
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Life of St Kentigern, patron saint of Glasgow, written by Jocelin of Furness. BHL 4646.
First words (prose)
  • Domino suo reverentissimo, et patri karissimo, Jocelino Christo Domini Jhesu Christi, Jocelinus minimus pauperum Christi, cum filialis dilectionis et ...[prologue] ... Clarissimi et karissimi Deo et hominibus Kentegerni, Nazarei Nazareni nostri Jhesu Christi, vitam gloriosam scribendi principium illud divinum oraculum consecrat
Jocelin of Furness
Jocelin of Furness
(fl. 1175–1214)
hagiographer of the Cistercian abbey of Furness; author of Lives of St Patrick and St Kentigern

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  • Latin
c.1175 x 1199.
prose (primary)
Textual relationships
Related: Vita sancti AsaphiVita sancti AsaphiA Latin life of St Asaph, reputed founder of the see of St Asaph, found in Peniarth MS 231. It follows the tradition known from Jocelyn’s Life of St Kentigern, according to which Kentigern founded the church before transferring the authority over the church to St Asaph.



(d. 612x614)
Patron saint of the diocese of Glasgow, also known by his pet-name Mungo who is described as a Briton, son of St Teneu (Thaney) of Lothian and British chieftain Owain. He may have been based on the female saint Caintigern.

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[ed.] [tr.] Forbes, Alexander Penrose, Lives of St Ninian and St Kentigern, The Historians of Scotland, 5, Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1874.
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26–119 (translation); 160–242 (text)
[tr.] Green, Cynthia Whiddon, “Jocelyn, a monk of Furness - the life of Kentigern (Mungo)”, Paul Halsall [ed.], Internet medieval sourcebook, Online: Fordham University Center for Medieval Studies, 1998–. URL: <>. 

English translation of Jocelin's life of St Kentigern, reproduced from the MA thesis of Cynthia Whiddon Green (University of Houston, December 1998).

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