Vita I sancti Samsonis

  • Latin
  • prose
  • Breton texts, Hagiography

First extant Latin Life of St Samson, bishop of Dol. BHL 7478-7479.

ff. 137–158
Chartres, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 507
ff. 226v–230v
Ch. 1–21 only.
  • Latin
The date of the text has occasioned much discussion. Flobert dates the text to the middle of the 8th century.
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Breton textsBreton texts



origins of Brittany (narrative world), c. 4th-6th centuuries
origins of Brittany (narrative world), c. 4th-6th centuuries
id. 63849

The time of migration and settlememt in Brittany, c. 4th-6th century, typically associated with the founding rulers (Conan Meriadoc, Gradlon/Grallon, Guiomar/Guigemar, etc.) and early founding saints (e.g. Paul Aurelian, Samson of Dol, Tudwal/Tugdual of Tréguier, Winwaloe of Landevenneg, Brioc, Malo, Corentin of Quimper, Paternus/Padarn, Goueznou).

Samson of Dol
Samson of Dol
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Edition of the Latin text of Vita I S. Samsonis, with a French translation on facing pages; introduction
[tr.] Taylor, Thomas, The Life of St. Samson of Dol, London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1925.
English translation

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