Stokes, Whitley [ed. and tr.], “The death of Crimthann son of Fidach, and the adventures of the sons of Eochaid Muigmedón”, Revue Celtique 24 (1903): 172–207, 446 (add. and corr.).

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“The death of Crimthann son of Fidach, and the adventures of the sons of Eochaid Muigmedón”
Revue Celtique 24 (1903)
d'Arbois de Jubainville, Marie-Henri, Émile Ernault, Joseph Loth, and Georges Dottin (eds), Revue Celtique 24 (1903).  
includes: Stokes' corrigenda for RC 23 ([1]); errata (; corrections and additions (
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172–207, 446 (add. and corr.)
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History, society and culture
Crimthann mac FidaigCrimthann mac Fidaig
(supp. fl. 4th century)
Crimthann Mór mac Fidaig
(time-frame ass. with Cycles of the Kings)
In Irish historical tradition, a king of Munster and high-king of Ireland, who is portrayed in origin legends concerning the Éoganachta. Through his father Fidach son of Dáire Cerbba, he is given a descent from Ailill Ólomm, but no dynastic group is said to spring from him. According to his aided or ‘death-tale’, he was poisoned by his own sister Mongfhind. Some narratives connect him to Conall Corc.
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Eochaid MugmedónEochaid Mugmedón
(supp. fl. late 4th century)
Eochu Mugmedón
legendary Irish king; important ancestor figure in Irish tradition as the father of Níall Noígíallach (a quo the Uí Néill), and of Ailill, Brión/Brían and Fíachra.
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