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Three Old Irish signatures for manuscript quires as found in Laon MS 444. Stokes and others have suggested that the scribe had copied them from his exemplar but was ignorant of the language himself.

Manuscript witnesses

Laon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 444/ff. 5-275 
context: Greek-Latin glossary (Pseudo-Cyrillus)   incl. Irish signatures (Laon MS 444)   Greek-Latin glossary. Incl. signature marks in Old Irish on ff. 194r, 202r and 244r.
in section: f. 5r–f. 255v
ff. 194r, 202r and 244r  


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comments: Reprinted by DIAS in 1987.
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81 (Appendix IV)
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Secondary sources (select)

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