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This page informs you about small-scale projects, whether concluded, ongoing or scheduled for the future, which are used to coordinate our work and give credit to those involved. Some of the descriptions that you will find below are little more than working notes, but they should give you a general sense of the aims and scope of each project. Work on the technology behind CODECS will not usually be included here.

Adding links to Thesaurus Linguae Hibernicae (TLH)
Start: January 2017 Bibliography, Texts Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The aim is to make sure that every publication used by TLH (2006–2011) – online (last updated in 2011) is recorded and to include links to its transcriptions in TEI XML markup (editions as well as translations). Publications listed in the Primary sources sections of entries for texts will automatically show these links.

Adding the early medieval vitae of Saints Gall and Deicolus
Start: September 2020 Texts, Agents Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The vita of St Deicolus; the early medieval vitae of St Gall and related texts; add records for saints and authors;  London, British Library, MS Additional 21917.

Building new interface for browsing publications by subject heading
Start: June 2020 Infrastructure, Bibliography Dennis Groenewegen in progress
On hold. This has found a new solution.

Early medieval manuscripts containing Old Irish and early Middle Irish
Start: January 2015 Manuscripts Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The aim is to have at least basic entries for all early medieval manuscripts known to contain specimens of Early Irish (glosses, scholia, etc.), primarily those used in the Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus.

Hiberno-Latin: grammars and grammatical commentaries
Start: November 2018 Texts Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The aim is to record as many Latin grammars and grammatical commentaries as possible which are thought to be Irish or Irish-influenced in origin. Even where the argument for Irishness seems weak today, it may be worthwhile to record them nonetheless and alert readers to past discussion. Currently on hold because of lack of access to essential publications.

Hiberno-Latin: prayers and hymns from a selection of manuscripts
Start: June 2020 Texts, Manuscripts Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The focus will be on a selection of six manuscripts: 1. the Antiphonary of Bangor (Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, MS C 5 inf); 2. the Book of Cerne (Cambridge, University Library, MS Ll. 1. 10/ff. 2-99); 3. Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, MS A VII 3; 4–5. Irish Liber hymnorum (Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1441 and Dublin, University College, MS Franciscan A 2); 6. Ivrea, Biblioteca capitolare, MS 85.

Incorporating Steve Hewitt’s bibliography of Breton linguistics
Start: February 2019 Bibliography Stephen Hewitt, Dennis Groenewegen in progress
Steve Hewitt compiled a bibliography of Breton linguistics, which he has kindly offered to us for use on CODECS. Each individual publication listed will be added the site and when the interface for it is ready, should be findable under its appropriate heading (‘Breton language‘). On hold.

Indexing Gaulish inscriptions (phase 1)
Start: May 2020 Inscriptions, Bibliography Pierre Faure, Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The primary aim is to index all Gaulish inscriptions and to make them uniquely referentiable for the bibliography. Some basic information will be provided and the sites of inscribed objects, with the probable exception of coins, will be located on a map. The landing page for inscriptions is to be found on this page.

July-September 2021: maintenance, bug fixing and refinements
Start: 1 July 2021 Infrastructure Dennis Groenewegen in progress
(1) Editing bibliographic records page by page can take more time than is necessary. For the routine action of adding basic metadata and descriptions, I will create a form that answers to a query, initially for articles belonging to the same edited volume. Each article will come with fields for abstracts, subject headings, texts discussed, etc.; (2) because agents should share a common set of semantic properties with other entities, agent-specific properties will be depreciated in favour of more generic ones that can be used by other entities; (3) when appropriate, it should be possible to link religious foundations to relevant Christian orders; (4) continue rearranging source code for textual items (not yet public).

Maintenance work scheduled for Spring/Summer 2021 (ORCID, DIB, CDI)
Start: April 2021 Agents, Infrastructure, Bibliography Dennis Groenewegen in progress
[1] Add ORCID identifiers as special "equivalent" links [now shown on Show:Agent] -- [2] Update references to the Dictionary of Irish biography (moved to https:/dib.ie) - The new Dictionary of Irish biography published by the RIA is a continuation of that formerly published by CUP on cambridge.dub.ie (although at the time of checking the website, some entries were available only from the Cambridge website). Updates should be easy since the IDs we've registered are part of the DOIs listed, except for the a prefix, which will have to be removed. However, the current DIB lists DOIs that are not accessible, perhaps not yet accessible, so this operation will have to wait until this situation is cleared up [update: DOIs listed should become valid sooner or later this year] -- [3] The Celtic Digital Initiative has new URLs for their website as well as new names for the files of scanned documents it provides. A list of new URLs has been kindly made available to us (thanks to Kevin Murray and Margaret Lantry) -- [4] Clean up some outdated and temporary work -- [5] The transition to the current system of recording and managing agents in their own namespace is not yet complete for contributors to publications (authors, editors, etc), which relies on a temporary measure. Semantic properties will be revised, redirects will be transferred and forms will handle autocompletion differently (done).

Module for dossiers
Infrastructure Dennis Groenewegen in progress
By dossiers are meant curated collections of materials that underpin the study of any topic of subject area. The aim is to set up an organisational structure by which editors can set up dossier pages with the necessary information. Projects can be initiated to make contributions to a dossier.

Penance in early medieval Ireland and abroad: penitentials, canon law and related texts
Start: December 2019 Texts Elaine Pereira Farrell, Dennis Groenewegen in progress
Description forthcoming. The aim is add key texts relating to penitential practices in early medieval Ireland, Britain and mainland Europe. This subproject benefits from the descriptions written by Elaine Pereira Farrell on the website https://penitentials.wordpress.com, which she started when writing her PhD thesis on “Taboos and penitence: Christian conversion and popular religion in early medieval Ireland”. This thesis was submitted in 2012 (see the bibliography) and is currently being transformed into a book publication to appear with Brepols.

Peniarth collection
Start: 12 April 2022 Manuscripts Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The aim is to provide at least a basic skeletal framework of catalogue entries for all manuscripts in the Peniarth collection, laying foundations for further work in future projects.

Re-implementing the Places data infrastructure
Start: May 2020 Infrastructure, Places Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The aim is to continue implementing a database infrastructure for places and related entities, such as territories and peoples. With the help of forms, these places can be indexed as entities with their own set of data, starting with simple data such as names in different languages, identifications of corresponding modern places and coordinates (no plan yet for areas that can be approximately delineated). Links to  such places in annotations anywhere on the website (texts, manuscripts, publications, agents, events) should point to the database and follow appropriate naming conventions. It is foreseen that some classes of entities could equally belong to the Agents category and that it may difficult sometimes to draw the line between families and entities denoting both dynastic groups and the territories named after them.

Redesigning Tionscadal na Nod
Start: September 2021 Manuscripts Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The aim is not a complete overhaul, but it is time for both cosmetic restylings and structural changes. Some of the structural decisions previously taken will be revised and the current look and feel could use a slight makeover.

Tutorials for working with manuscript data
Start: January 2021 Manuscripts Dennis Groenewegen, Pierre Faure in progress
CODECS never had tutorials or walkthroughs for the purpose of instructing our team of editors and maybe didn't need them at first, but since the complexity of the project, especially in the way data are interrelated, has grown as well as that of the interface to manage them, at least some clarification is no luxury. The tutorials are meant to be brief. More detailed information about the particulars is meant to go to contextual information, which is usually provided by way of tooltips.

Vergiliana, phase 1
Start: November 2019 Texts, Manuscripts, Bibliography Dennis Groenewegen in progress
Add entries for texts and commentaries (Scholia Bernensis, the Explanationes, the Expositio and De epythetis Virgilii); add entries for manuscripts with Irish and Breton associations; and start adding to the bibliography.

Works of Columbanus
Start: June 2020 Texts Dennis Groenewegen in progress
The purpose is to catalogue the sermons, letters, rules and other works by or attributed to Columbanus. On hold.
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