Results for B (1893)
  • London, British Library, MS Royal 15 C xvi
  • London, British Library, MS Royal 20 A xi
  • London, British Library, MS Royal MS I A xviii
  • London, British Library, MS Sloane 3806
  • London, British Library, MS Sloane 3807
  • London, British Library, MS Stowe 959

An 18th-century two-volume collection of drawings and sketches of antiquities from England and Cornwall (vol. 1, ff. 9-78), Wales (vol. 1, ff. 79-181, and vol. 2, ff. 1-78), Scotland (vol. 2. ff. 79-124) and Ireland (vol. 2, ff. 125-196). They represent unique copies, less likely originals, of sketches that were made by Edward Lhuyd, or one of his assistants and correspondents, during his journeys through Britain and Ireland c.1700. The collection was made for the antiquarian John Anstis. Also included is a letter from Richard Richardson to Edward Lhuyd, dated 3 July 1709 (i.e. shortly after the recipient's death).

  • s. xviii
  • London, British Library, MS Titus D xxiv
  • London, British Library, Royal MS 11 B ii
  • Longleat, Library of the Marquess of Bath, MS 10589
  • Lyon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 1502
  • Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional de España, MS 3307
  • Madrid, Real Academia de Historia, MS 78/B (ff. 156r–232v)
  • Mantua, Biblioteca Comunale Teresiana, MS 475
  • Manuscript of Buhez sant Gwenole dated 1580 (lost)
  • Manuscript of Buhez sant Gwenole dated 1608 (lost)
  • Manuscript written by Dubhaltach Óg Mac Fir Bhisigh for John Lynch (lost)
  • Maynooth B
  • Maynooth, Russell Library, MS B 2
Not yet published.
  • s. xvii
  • Philip Ó Ciarbhalláin
Not yet published.
  • 1700–1708
  • Héinrí Mac Carraic
Not yet published.

Manuscript written by Thomas Arthur in 1627 containing a collection of Latin vitae of Irish saints. Thomas Arthur transcribed the lives, apparently from Dublin, Marsh's Library, MS Z 3.1.5, which was lent to him by bishop James Ussher, and was not afraid to modify them as he thought necessary. Some additional items not found in said manuscript are included, including a life of Livinus.

  • 1627
  • Thomas Arthur
  • Melbourne, Newman College, MS Brisleach Mhór Mhuighe Muirtheimhne
Not yet published.

Legendary, including the Vita prima of Samson of Dol.

  • s. x–xi