Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS B i 1a (1078)
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Smith, Peter, “An historical tract in Irish relating to the confederate wars in Ireland”, Studia Hibernica 43 (2017): 25–52.  
The hitherto unpublished historical tract which is presented here was written by a Fermanagh scholar called Conchabhar Ó Luinín during the period c. 1652–1700. It affords us a unique insight into Irish feelings about the Confederate Wars in Ireland. Ó Luinín shares with us his personal reflections on the campaign in the first section of the tract before proceeding to list in the subsequent sections the battles fought and the names of the eminent Irish soldiers killed in combat. The text has survived in fragmentary form among the O’Conor Papers and is preserved in Dublin, Royal Irish Academy B i 1a (Catalogue Number 1078).

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Fragmentary Irish manuscript miscellany. It consista of 7 fragments, three of which are in the hand of Conchabhar Ó Luinín.

  • s. xviii