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Dublin, Royal Irish Academy

O’Reilly collection

Collection of manuscripts previously in the possession of Edward O’Reilly and purchased by the Royal Irish Academy (1830). Included in this are manuscripts which previously belonged to Muiris Ó Gormáin (d. 1794) and which O’Reilly acquired through a young man by the name of Henry Wright (Irish: Énrí Mac an tSaoir). A catalogue of O’Reilly’s manuscripts is preserved in RIA MS 23 H 1.
Énrí Mac an tSaoirMac an tSaoir (Énrí)
(fl. 1780s)
Mac an tSaoir (Henri), Wright (Henry) ... scribe
Irish scribe.
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Muiris Ó GormáinÓ Gormáin (Muiris)
(d. c.1794)
Mac Gormáin (Muiris), O'Gorman (Maurice), Mac Gorman (Maurice)
Irish scribe and schoolmaster who lived in Dublin
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Edward O'ReillyO'Reilly (Edward)
(d. 1830)
Irish scholar and compiler of an Irish-English dictionary (1817)
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