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Banba is a designation for Ireland as a whole, though  “[o]rig. name of north Leinster = mag mBreg, hence from British compound *Banno-Magos [...] or from *ban-w-yā as a theonym” (eDIL s.v. Banba), as well as an eponymous character or personification who is said to have given her name to the island; sometimes mentioned along with two sisters, Ériu and Fódla, who did likewise.
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George CarewCarew (George)
Carew (George) ... 1st earl of Totnes
English administrator and military officer at the time of the Tudor conquest of Ireland; 1st earl of Totnes (since 1626); antiquarian and author.
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Fintán of RheinauFintan (Findan) of Rheinau
(fl. 9th century)
Irish saint from Leinster who is said to have been captured by vikings and carried off as a slave to the Orkneys, only to escape and embark on a pilgrimage to Rome; while returning home, he met and joined a community of anchorites based at Rheinau (at the Rhine, near Schaffhausen, modern Switzerland).
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Íriel Fáid mac ÉrimóinÍriel Fáid mac Érimóin
Írial Fáid mac Érimóin
(time-frame ass. with Irish legendary history)
In Irish pseudo-historical tradition, one of the earliest kings of Ireland, a son of Érimón mac Míled, king of the northern half of Ireland, and Tea. Both Íriel and Írial (with or without length mark) are common spellings, but occasional variants like Iarél occur. He is said to have been succeeded by his son Ethriel.
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Oswald [king of Northumbria]Oswald ... king of Northumbria
(d. 642)
Son of Æthelfrith (king of Bernicia and later, Northumbria), was king of the Northumbrian kingdoms, Bernicia and Deira, following a period of exile among the Irish. He was killed in battle against an alliance between Penda, king of Mercia, and the Britons. Oswald later became the focus of a royal cult.
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