Tír Áeda

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Territory, ‘Áed’s land’, which ultimately gave its name to the bar. of Tirhugh (Co. Donegal). Not to be confused with Tirhugh (*Tír Áeda), a townland of the same name in Co. Derry.

See also: Áed Rúad mac Baduirn
Áed Rúad mac Báduirn
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
A legendary king of Ireland mentioned in some tales of the Ulster Cycle and related texts. According to an origin legend concerning Emain Macha, he ‘shared’ the kingship with Díthorba and Cimbáeth, being the first of them to hold it until he drowned in Ess Ruaid (Assaroe); he is identified as the father of Macha Mongrúad, from whom Emain Macha is said to take its name.

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Suaibsech of Tír Áeda
Súaibsech of Tír Áeda
Irish saint associated with Tír Áeda (modern barony of Tirhugh, Co. Donegal).

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This digital version of Edmund Hogan’s Onomasticon goedelicum locorum et tribuum Hiberniae et Scotiae: an index, with identifications, to the Gaelic names of places and tribes (Dublin 1910) is based on (i) the digital version produced by the Locus Project, Dept of Early Irish, University College Cork, under the direction of Professor Pádraig Ó Riain; and (ii) a digital version of the same produced by Stanford University. The Cork text is far superior. The separate files for each letter have been concatenated and typographical errors, where noticed, have been corrected. Where possible, OS standard forms have been used, but this vast task has not been completed. Hogan’s list of abbreviations is highly eccentric, and quite incomplete. I have identified many, but quite a number remain undecoded. Where possible Hogan’s abbreviations have been replaced by more obvious ones. A table is attached (‘List of manuscript and printed sources: current marks and abbreviations’, below). I have made hundreds of additions from my own desultory reading. This digital version was never intended for publication — it is only a personal research tool — but I have been persuaded that others may find it useful that it may save them some time. Note that it has not been properly proofed and I make no claims for accuracy.
(source: Introduction by Donnchadh Ó Corráin)
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