Cruithni / Cruthin

  • Cruthin
  • peoples
  • (peoples and polities)

The name given to early medieval peoples in modern-day Co. Antrim and western parts of Co. Down, of which the kingdoms of the Dál nAraidi and the Uí Echach Cobo are the best known represetatives. The name is viewed as a cognate of Britt. *Priteni (> W. Prydyn). The fact that the same name was sometimes used to describe population groups in Scotland that are described elsewhere as Picts has led to much speculation and even to confusion that the Cruithni in Ireland were Picts themselves.

See also: Áed Airdd
Áed Airdd (al. Aired, Airech)
(d. 698)
Áed Airdd, or Aired or Airech, king of the Dál nAraide from the Uí Derco Chéin; slain in the battle of Fernmag.

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Dál nAraidi
Dál nAraidi
A kingdom of the Cruithni in north-east Ulster.

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