Cathal mac Finguine

  • d. 742
  • kings
  • (agents)
A king of Munster from the Éoganacht Glendamnach, known for his military conflicts with kings of the Uí Néill, including Fergal mac Máele Dúin (d. 722) and the latter’s son Áed Allán (d. 743). In a Middle Irish narrative satire, Aislinge Meic Con Glinne, he is portrayed as being possessed by a demon of gluttony.

See also: Cathal Cú Cen Máthair
Cathal Cú Cen Máthair
(d. 665/6)
King of Munster (r. 661-665/6) from the Éoganacht Glendamnach, son of Cathal mac Áedo (d. 628), a previous king of Munster.

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Eóganacht GlendamnachEóganacht Glendamnach
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