Bodb Derg

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In Acallam na senórach, a son of the Dagda.

See also: Aillenn Fíalchorcra
Aillenn Fíalchorcra
in the Acallam, a woman of the síde and daughter of Bodb Derg; becomes wife to Áed, son of the king of Connacht.

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The Dagda
The Dagda
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Fer Tuinne mac Trogain
Fer Tuinne mac Trogain
(time-frame ass. with 5th century)
In Acallam na senórach, musician of the síde, who at one time appears in the service of Bodb Derg until he is conferred as a gift to the three sons of Lugaid Menn. His first name is a possible kenning for ‘salmon’ (see DIL s.v. tonn).

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Túatha Dé Danann
Túatha Dé (Danann)
A common Irish designation for a group of supernatural or magical figures in Irish history, broadly equivalent to the áes síde. In the pseudo-historical tradition represented by Lebor gabála Érenn and other texts, they are presented and arguably, to some extent euhemerised as the pre-Christian people that conquered Ireland from the Fir Bolg and were later overcome by the sons of Míl (the Gaels).

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