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  • Múscraige of Ormond
saint described as ‘bishop’ among the Múscraige. Feastday unknown unless he is the saint of the same name commemorated together with Gobnait of Duhallow on 11 February.
Senán mac Geirrcinn, patron saint of Inis Cathaig (Scattery Island, Co. Clare)

Senán of Scattery Island See: Senán of Inis Cathaig

Senbecc ua Eibric See: Senbecc

  • fl. 6th–7th century
Irish poet associated with Gúaire Aidne, king of Connacht; popular figure in Irish literary tradition, notably as one credited for having retrieved the Táin and, especially in Tromdám Gúaire, as the leader of a band of poets seeking to test the limits of Gúaire’s hospitality.

Sentainne Bérri See: Caillech Bérri