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Robert Donn See: Rob Donn MacAoidh

  • d. 1160?
  • Exeter, Exeter Cathedral
Bishop of Exeter (elected and consecrated in 1155) in succession to Robert (de) Warelwast; previously a canon of London in Islington and dean of Salisbury.
  • fl. 14th century
  • York, Carmelite priory, Hulne, Carmelite priory
Carmelite friar, who had been a brother of the priory at York and later became prior of the Carmelite friary at Hulne, near Alnwick (Northumberland). He oversaw and probably contributed to the compilation of BNF lat. 4126, the so-called Poppleton manuscript.
  • s. xx–xxi
  • 1884–1960
Welsh scholar.
Welsh Baptist minster, author, printer and collector.
priest in the Church of England, dean of Winchester and subsequently of Wells, who was also a scholar and historian.
Anglo-Irish churchman, baron Rokeby, Church of Ireland archbishop of Armagh, founder of the Robinson Library in Armagh.