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hermit; brother of Gúaire Aidne, king of Connacht
king of the Uí Maine; husband of Créd ingen Gúaire in Scéla Cano meic Gartnáin

Marcellus ... Moengal See: Moengal [Marcellus]

Marcellus Empiricus See: Marcellus of Bordeaux

  • fl. c. 408
  • Bordeaux
An official under Emperor Theodosius and a medical author who was active in the region of Bordeaux. His treatise De medicamentis (liber) (c. 408), which prescribes drugs and treatments for a variety of ailments, contains two incantations that are usually thought to be Gaulish in origin.
  • fl. c.1450–1483
Welsh poet and priest based in Powys.
Widely venerated virgin saint and martyr.

Marianus of Ratisbon See: Marianus Scottus of Regensburg

  • fl. 1028–1082/3
  • Mag Bile, Fulda, Cologne, abbey of St Martin, Mainz, abbey of St Martin

Marianus Scottus of Mainz See: Marianus Scottus [Máel Brigte]

  • d. 1080 x 1083
  • Regensburg, abbey of St James
Irish scribe, who founded the Irish monastic community at Regensburg (Ratisbon) in Bavaria, the first of the Schottenklöster to be founded in southern Germany.
  • fl. late 12th century
Medieval poet from France, who was active at the court of King Henry II; author of twelve Lais, an Isopet (collection of fables), and the Espurgatoire seint Patriz.
  • fl. 1st/2nd c. AD
  • supp. fl. c.6th century
  • Cornwall
An early king of Cornwall in the Tristan legend, according to which he was Iseult’s husband and Tristan’s uncle.