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  • supp. fl. c. 1137
in late Welsh genealogical tradition, founder of one of the ‘fifteen (noble) tribes of Gwynedd’
  • fl. 1173–1220
al. Prydydd y Moch, poet of the court of Gwynedd.
  • supp. fl. 6th century
Legendary British prince of the Old North (Hen Ogledd).
  • fl. c. 1140–1160
Welsh poet
Welsh poet, who may be identical with Llywarch Llaety (fl. c. 1140–1160).
  • fl. c. 1400–1460?
Welsh poet
Welsh poet
Llywelyn ab y Moel o’r Pantri, Welsh poet
prince of Wales, a son of Gruffudd ap Llywelyn and Senana; grandson of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth.
  • fl. c. 1480
Welsh poet.

Llywelyn of Llangewydd See: Llywelyn Siôn

  • c.1540–c.1615(?)
  • Glamorganshire
Llywelyn of Llangewydd, Welsh poet and farmer

Llywelyn y Glyn See: Lewys Glyn Cothi