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Laidcend mac Baíth Bandaig See: Laidcenn mac Baíth Bannaig

  • supp. fl. 5th century ?
early Irish poet, said to be of the Dál nAraidi. Two early poems (beg. Énna, Labraid and Nidu dír dermait) belonging to the so-called rhyming ‘Leinster poems’ are ascribed to him.
  • d. 661
  • Clúain Fertae Mo Lua
Irish scholar, abbot of Clonfertmulloe (Kyle, Co. Laois); author of Ecloga de moralibus in Iob and possibly, Lorica Gildae.
  • supp. fl. ?
Apparently a legendary scholar of the Ulaid, who is known from a single passage in the legal tract Bretha Déin Chécht (CIH 2311), where a statement in the form of a rosc is attributed to him.
(also Lága?), forefather of the Laigin

Laisrán mac Feradaig See: Laisrén mac Feradaig

Laisrén mac Decláin See: Laisrén of Inishmurray

  • d. 605
  • Iona, Dairmag
Third abbot of Iona, in succession to Baíthéne; previously prior of Dairmag (Durrow, Co. Offaly) and one of Colum Cille’s companions in Scotland.

Laisrén of Iona See: Laisrén mac Feradaig

Laisrén of Leighlin See: Molaise of Leighlin