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  • d. 17 February 1901
Breton historian.
known as the Chevalier de Fréminville, a French naval commander, who later in life took a keen interest in natural history and archaeology and wrote various works on the history of Brittany.
in Laigin genealogies, son of Bressal Bélach and father of e.g. Énna Cennselach
also Labraid Lorc or Labraid Móen, legendary Irish king, son of Ailill Áine; regarded as an ancestor of the Laigin

Labraid Lorc See: Labraid Loingsech

Labraid Móen See: Labraid Loingsech

  • s. xx–xxi
patron saint of Achad Úr (Freshford) and Belach Febrat (Ballyhoura Hills)
  • Ard Ladrann
In Irish legendary history, chiefly Lebor gabála Érenn, Ladra or Ladru is one of the men who accompanied Cesair or Banba to Ireland as well as the first man to die in Ireland. Ard Ladrann (possibly Ardamine, near Gorey, Co. Wexford) is said to be named for him.

Ladru See: Ladra

Láeg mac Ríangabra See: Lóeg mac Ríangabra

  • fl. 15th century
Breton priest in Plougonven (Tréguier) and lexicographer, who compiled a Breton-French-Latin dictionary, the Catholicon (1464).

Laidcend mac Baíth Bandaig See: Laidcenn mac Baíth Bannaig

  • supp. fl. 5th century ?
early Irish poet, said to be of the Dál nAraidi. Two early poems (beg. Énna, Labraid and Nidu dír dermait) belonging to the so-called rhyming ‘Leinster poems’ are ascribed to him.
  • d. 661
  • Clúain Fertae Mo Lua
Irish scholar, abbot of Clonfertmulloe (Kyle, Co. Laois); author of Ecloga de moralibus in Iob and possibly, Lorica Gildae.
  • supp. fl. ?
Apparently a legendary scholar of the Ulaid, who is known from a single passage in the legal tract Bretha Déin Chécht (CIH 2311), where a statement in the form of a rosc is attributed to him.
(also Lága?), forefather of the Laigin

Laígsech Cendmár See: Lugaid Laígsech Cendmár

Laígsech Cennmór See: Lugaid Laígsech Cendmár