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  • fl. c.815 and later
Anonymous grammarian, probably of Irish origin, who worked on the continent and produced a grammatical treatise structured as a series of questions and answers, with ample citations from standard grammars such as Donatus and Priscian. The title Donatus ortigraphus is also applied as a shorthand for the work itself.
Irish poet; son of Cú Brettan mac Congusso
  • Cúailnge ... Cooley, Co. Louth
The fertile brown bull of Cúailnge (Cooley, Co. Louth) in the Táin and foretales.
High-king of Ireland from the Clann Cholmáin branch of the southern Uí Néill, son of Flann Sinna.
son of Brían Bóruma
  • 1878–1952
  • County Armagh
Catholic priest who successively ministered in Eglish, Dromintee, Creggan and Loughgall, and a collector of Irish tunes and songs, who recorded some of them on Ediphone wax cylinders during his time in Dromintee and Creggan.
archbishop of Tuam