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king of Israel and Judah

David of Wales See: Saint David

  • fl. 6th century
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • s. xx / s. xxi
Welsh minister, who was also a translator, scholar and linguist.
John Davies of Mallwyd, Welsh scholar, author of a Welsh grammar and dictionary
  • d. 1890?
  • Walsoken, Salford
English clergyman of Welsh parentage, one-time rector of Walsoken in Norfolk (1857-1871) and a linguist known for contributions to Sanskrit, English and Celtic languages. He was a graduate of St John's College and a member of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion and Royal Asiatic Society.
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • d. 1581
  • Tyddewi ... St Davids, St Asaph cathedral
Welsh bishop, first of St Asaph, later of St Davids; a scholar whose achievements included translating parts of the New Testament into Welsh and writing the Epistol at y Cembru.
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • c.1569–1626
English, Wiltshire-born poet and lawyer who played a significant role as a legal official in Ireland (between 1603 and 1619).