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Buirech (or -ich) or Bairech: according to Irish genealogical sources, eponymous ancestor of the Uí Buirig, a branch of the Uí Liatháin, and a son of Eochu Liathán (a quo Úi Liatháin). Byrne notes a tradition which makes him moccu Churind and thereby attaches him to the Cuirennrige.
  • d. 523 AD
  • Mainistir Buite
Buíte mac Brónaig (Latin Boetius), early Irish saint and eponymous founder of Mainistir Buite (Monasterboice)

Buitilléar (Éamonn Mac Risteard) See: Edmund MacRichard Butler

Buitilléar (Séamus) ... 4th earl of Desmond See: James Butler [4th earl of Ormond]