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ancestor of the Scythians, according to LGÉ A
father of Fénius Farsaid and brother of Ibath, according to LGÉ M
name of a war-goddess, often in the appearance of an ominous crow (badb)
king of Ulster from the Dál Fiatach, son of Cairell mac Muiredaig.
Second abbot of Iona, in succession to Colum Cille.
  • fl. 6th/7th century?
  • Tech Baithín ... Taghboyne, Co. Westmeath, Tech Baithín ... Tibohine, Co. Roscommon
Baíthín mac Cúanach, saint associated with Tech Baithín/Taghboyne, Co. Westmeath, and said to belong to the Cenél Énda. According to Pádraig Ó Riain, he is ultimately identical with Baíthín/Baíthéne mac Brénainn, Colum Cille’s successor in Iona.
  • fl. 9th c.
  • Salzburg
Teacher in the cathedral school of Salzburg, who has been identified as the patron who commissioned a copy of Adomnán’s De locis sanctis (Vienna MS 458) and the addressee of a poem, perhaps by Dúngal, beg. Baldo, Dei famule.
  • 1495–1563
English protestant churchman; bishop of Ossory (1552/3); antiquarian and collector of manuscripts; author of a number of polemical plays, such as Kynge Johan, and an autobiographical work called The Vocacyon of Johan Bale.
  • s. xx–xxi