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Lapdog in the Dinnshenchas of Alend
daughter of Cormac mac Airt; wooed by Finn mac Cumaill in the tale of Tochmarc Ailbe.
  • supp. fl. 5th/early 6th century
  • Imlech Ibair
Patron saint of Imlech Ibair (Emly, Co. South Tipperary), remembered as one of the pre-Patrician saints of Munster.

Ailill Aulom See: Ailill Ólomm

abbot of Birra
king of Leinster; son of Dúnlaing and ancestor for the Uí Dúnlainge
  • supp. fl. 4th/5th century
In Irish tradition, a son of Eochaid Mugmedón and ancestor of the Uí Ailella, a branch of the Connachta.
  • Ráith Crúachain
king of Connacht, husband of Medb of Connacht
A king of the Déisi mentioned in Acallam na senórach
  • d. c. 482
high-king of Ireland; son of Nath Í mac Fíachrach and Eithne ingen Chonrach Cais
  • Mag Mucrama
king of Munster; reputed ancestor of the Éoganacht and Dál Cais; a prominent figure in various king-tales, such as those revolving around the Battle of Mag Mucrama.
One of Midir’s daughters in Acallam na senórach.