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Mac Cécht ... al. Monodar See: Monodar [al. Mac Cécht]

Mac Cécht of Domnach Arnoin, said to be one of Patrick’s smiths.

Mac Cécht mac Snáidi Teichid See: Mac Cécht [champion of Conaire Mór]

Irish folklore collector.
  • c.1689–1720
  • Corcach, County Cork
Jacobite leader, eldest son of Sir Séamus Mac Coitir (James Cotter) and his second wife Ellen Plunkett. Párliament na mBan was written for him when he was still young. He was convicted of rape and in 1720, executed by hanging, an act which popular opinion held to be politically motivated and which gave rise to a number of Irish elegies.

Mac Colgáin (Seán) See: John Colgan

Mac Con See: Lugaid Mac Con

  • fl. mid–14th century
Irish historian, member of the Meic Craith (Magraths) who appear as a hereditary family of bardic poets. He is reputed to have written the Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh.

Mac Craith (Seán mac Ruaidhrí) See: Seaán mac Ruaidhrí Mac Craith

Mac Creiche See: Mac Reithe of Kilmacrehy

Irish poet