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Glas son of Áencherd Bérri
son of Drecán, king of Lochlann in the north. Ráith Glais is said to be named after him
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • 1504–1558
Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, and bishop of Bangor (1555-1558); son of John Glyn of Heneglwys (Anglesey).
In Finn and Gráinne and Dinnshenchas of Descert, father of Caílte and a craftsman of the Cerdrige or the Corpraige.
  • fl. 7th century
later Gobán Saor, legendary craftsman / artisan; mentioned e.g. in an early Irish poem ascribed to Suibne Geilt.
patron saint of the nunnery of Móin Mór, Baile Mhuirne (Ballyvourney, Co. Cork)